Joyous Swim School Founder

My name is Aaron Ho. I'm the founder of Joyous Swim School  and came to Brisbane at the age of 19 to pursue my higher education majoring in Physical Education. 

With no connection, no western country living experience and with minimum amount of functional English, I begun my journey in Brisbane since then.

Because of Asian prophecy, I was told to study hard, work hard, and stay in the same job til retirement, then I'll have the happiness and fulfilling life.

However, it didn't turn out as what the tradition said after 2 years full time 9-5 school teaching job while i was still doing my after school swimming/tennis coaching business back then.

I find more happiness & enjoyment by unlocking kids' potential and bring them to the next level.

I strongly believe learning wouldn't take place unless the fun is in place during the process. 

I've been dreaming of having my own swim school since i was 16 plus my entrepreneurial mind was calling me as well, so Joyous Swim School was born on 1st August 2015.

Finally, I want to use business as a metaphor for learning swimming.

To achieve a great result, you must put in your effort on a consistent basis with the fine tune mentality along the journey. "Consistency beats Intensity"

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"Efficiency is doing the things right"

Effectiveness is doing the right things 

"Peter Drucker"