The program starts from 19/9/20- 04/10/20 for ages 3-8
*3 FREE lessons/ kid (All students are welcome)

How to book

Class Levels

1️⃣ Download our 'Joyous Swim School' app 

2️⃣ Choose your class level which is a 30 minute lesson.

❗️If you're new to JSS, please REGISTER first  

Intermediate Level (confident swimmer)

1️⃣ suits confident freestyler to progress to backstroke

2️⃣ kids learn swimming on their backs with proper skills 

3️⃣ water safety skills 

Beginner Level  (unconfident swimmer)

1️⃣ Parent's don't need to go in the water

2️⃣ kids learn basic movement and breath holding skills

3️⃣ water safety skills  

Special instructions:

1.Swim cap is a must 
2. Goggles is optional but recommended
3. Swim suit is required. NO underwear/singlet

*We are selling both swim cap and goggles at JSS