How to enrol free trial/voucher lessons online?

  • Book online 

  • Change online

  • View class level here 



  • 免费体验课

  • 常规小组课程

  • 如何在网上取消课程

How to cancel lesson online?

  • Minimum 4 hours notice for group lesson

  • Minimum 24 hours notice for private lesson

  • Cancel online 24/7

  • Book online 

  • Change online

  • View class level here 

How to enrol my child on a monthly plan (group lesson) ?

  • Book online 

  • Pay online

 Make Up Group Lesson Booking Using Roll Over

 (monthly plan student ONLY,

NO make up pass required)

  • Make sure you have an account with us first 

  • Otherwise, contact us to send you an activation email

  • Choose classes whenever & whoever you want

Instant SMS Notification Setting

  • Great feature if you on waitlist

  • Automatic enrolment from waitlist 

  • No more waiting

How to extract the correct QR code for check in use?

  • QR code is individual specific

  • Check in faster

  • No more waiting