How to book online ()

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Download Joyous Swim School app from the APP / GOOGLE PLAY STORE 

2. Click 'CREATE AN ACCOUNT' or 'SIGN IN' if you have an existing account  

3. Click 'MENU' in the top left hand corner of your page 

4. Click 'GROUP' or 'PRIVATE' lesson booking 

5. Choose your preferred date and CLICK the lesson that suits your child 

6. Scroll down and CLICK 'ENROL' 

7. Choose your child's name and CLICK 'NEXT'

8. Scroll down and CLICK 'FINISH' to confirm your enrolment 


1. 从APPLE / GOOGLE PLAY STORE下载Joyous游泳学校手机应用程式

2. 如果您已有帐户,请点击“创建帐户”或“登录”

3. 单击页面左上角的“菜单”

4. 单击“小组”或“私人”课程预订

5. 选择您的首选日期并点击适合您孩子的课程

6. 向下滚动并单击“ 注册”

7. 选择您孩子的名字并点击“下一步”

8. 向下滚动并单击“完成”以确认您的注册

How to enrol free trial/voucher lessons online?


(2 mins)

  • Book online 

  • Change online

  • View class level here 



  • 免费体验课

  • 常规小组课程

  • 如何在网上取消课程

How to cancel lesson online?

  • Minimum 4 hours notice for group lesson

  • Minimum 24 hours notice for private lesson

  • Cancel online 24/7

  • Book online 

  • Change online

  • View class level here 

How to enrol my child on a monthly plan (group lesson) ?

  • Book online 

  • Pay online

 Make Up Group Lesson Booking Using Roll Over

 (monthly plan student ONLY,

NO make up pass required)

  • Make sure you have an account with us first 

  • Otherwise, contact us to send you an activation email

  • Choose classes whenever & whoever you want

Instant SMS Notification Setting

  • Great feature if you on waitlist

  • Automatic enrolment from waitlist 

  • No more waiting

How to extract the correct QR code for check in use?

  • QR code is individual specific

  • Check in faster

  • No more waiting