FAQ for Change of Management 

Q1. What happen to Joyous Swim School?

A1. We are very blessed all of you have been supporting Joyous Swim School for a long period of time. We would like to announce Joyous Swim School will be managing by Fish N Flips powered by Rackley Swimming after 31st May 2021. 


Q2. When will Joyous Swim School close down?

A2. Joyous Swim School will be closing on 31st May 2021.

Q3. How long is the duration of Swim School closure ?

A3. Four to Six weeks due to upgrading work.

Q4. Any arrangement for the team after reopen?

​A4. Joyous Swim School's team will maintain the same and continue provide service to customers under Fish n Flips Swim School management.

Q5. How about the bill?

A5. Joyous will cancel all on-going bills for existing customers from June & onwards. 

Q6. How about the Monthly Contract Plan?

A6. All the contracts will automatically terminate at the end of May without cancellation fee.

Q7. Can I get a refund?

A7. Refund only applicable on private lesson packages.

Q8. What can I do If I still want to continue swimming?

A8. If you wish to learn swimming in Fish n Flips Swim School, please contact hello@fishnflips.com and they will organise lesson at your nearest local Rackley swim school. 

Q9. How about the remaining lessons?

A9. Fish n Flips Swim School will absorb the outstanding group make up lessons after reopen .

问题1: JOYOUS游泳学校结束营业?

1: 很高兴大家长期以来一直支持JOYOUS游泳学校,我们宣布JOYOUS游泳学校将于5月下旬正式功成身退,并将会由Fish n Flips游泳学校接手 (Rackley Swimming 母公司)。


问题2: JOYOUS游泳学校何时关闭?

2: JOYOUS游泳学校将于2021531功成身退


问题3: 游泳学校关闭多久?

3: 游泳学校将于6月进行4-6周的装修,整修后将重新开放。

问题4: 重新开放后团队会改变吗?

4: JOYOUS游泳学校的团队會继续在Fish n Flips游泳学校带领下继续为大家提供服务。


问题5: 6月份还会扣费吗?

5: JOYOUS游泳学校将於6月前终止现有客户的所有帐单。


问题6: 可以取消月费套餐吗?

6: 所有合同将在5月底自动终止,並且不會收取任何费用。


问题7: 可以申请退款吗?

7: JOYOUS游泳学校将在6月30之前进行未使用的私人课程退款程序,請联系前台提供银行资料。


问题8: 仍然想继续游泳怎么办?

8: 如果您想在Fish n Flips游泳学校学习游泳,请联系hello@fishnflips.com,他們會安排在Runcorn, Parkinson, Kingston等地區進行游泳課。


问题9: 余下的小组补课怎么样?

9: Fish n Flips游泳学校将为JOYOUS游泳学校的现有小組客户安排补课。(待游泳学校重开后,在Underwoord进行补课)